Episode 1: A Proper Introduction

The Posh Podcast: A Typical Brit And An Atypical Indian is a weekly show on iTunes and Soundcloud. It is produced by Ka Ktien Media, a media and production start-up.

George Taylor and Babatdor Dkhar are the typical Brit and atypical Indian. They talk about popular culture, sports, movies and music, with sprinklings of personal anecdotes.

The Posh Podcast is about combining the East and The West, and looking at things from both First and Developing World Perspectives.

It is funny and light-hearted with elements of the serious. A main objective of the podcast is to be able to be a source of entertainment for an English-speaking Indian and Asian audience, especially, who seek to have their perspectives represented.



Author: Babatdor Dkhar and George Taylor

Babatdor Dkhar is the Chief-Editor of Half and One, a news/opinions/stories platform. He writes stories, journalism pieces, and screenplays.
George Taylor has an academic background in American literature, and a keen interest in formal clothing-his Oxford University dissertation was on the history of the dinner suit.He has worked in radio broadcasting at several UK radio stations.

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