Results Of The Half and One Prize

The Winner of the 1st Half and One Prize is The Astrophysical Implications of Barbecue – Dean Gessie


The Runners-Up are the following:-

Eyes – Shikhandin

Matriarchal Patriarch – Neal Hall M.D

August in Chicago – Pooja Sivaraman

Create it Away – Katie Danis

The Last Winter – Silvester Phanbuh


The Longlisted Entries are the following:-

Things I Absorb From Water – Siddharth Dasgupta

The Morphology of Metamorphosis: # Metoo – Shikhandin

What If – Narisa Banmer Wahlang

Asylum Chorus – Imtikumer Longchar

A Burnt Child Dreads the Fire – Kushagra Agarwal

An Open Letter to My Restless Mind Mirror Mirror – Anushka Jain

Remnants of Mulling – Aretha Kumar

The Wars We Heave Behind – Anushka Shrivastava

12 Million Mourning – Neeta Mohla

A Subtle Epiphany – Salman Sowdagar

The Shortwave Conspiracy – Shawn Fernandes

It Happened On A Sunday Morning – Ajit Menon

Fumes Ripples and Lies – Salma A

The Memories of Time’s Arrows – Shawn Anto

Manasil – Bharat Nair

Playing God – Melissa N Terangpi

Eleanor’s Engagement – Robert Kibble

Drive Me Home – Prachil Gohil

Hand over – Aekta Khubchandani

Gouri’s Eyesight: 1997 – 2008 – Gouri Bhuyan

Seven Weeks to Rain – Ira Mathur

The System We Caste – Neal Hall M.D

After Hours – Alina Gufran

Sara – Dur e Aziz Amna

Al-watan – Alissa Jones Nelson

Crossroads – Ramya Svidhar

C and Co – Upasana Sarraju

Who Killed the Hornbill – Resemyuv Makan

Follow Girl – Brian Bartels

Soft Target – Geralyn Pinto

Hilda – Anirban Paul

Midnight Prophecy – Nancy Mary Shadap

Of Soulmates and Destiny – Rimeka Dora Ranee

Yellow Flowers Are My Favourite – Clarissa Giri

The Broken Window – Ricky Lohkar Pradhan

Cigarette – Fengkha Daimary

Writer’s Block? – Fengkha Daimary

Echoes of History – Yadawanka Pala

Aurora: The Genesis of Desecrating Betrayal – Mayborn Lyngdoh R.

An Hour through Different Eyes – Menangtei Thangkhiew

Café in the Dark – Esalanmidaka Lyngdoh

Mad, Attock, Attandi – Adil Hasan


The Winner, Runners-Up, and Longlisted entries will be published in an Anthology.

The Anthology will be released on the 30th of ,March, 2019.
































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