Illustration by Damehi Laloo

Different. You’re just so different,

Seeing fire where there once were ashes,

Reading desire in the specks of my irises,

Underneath the shield of my eyelashes.


Honesty. Your unfiltered honesty

Opened doors I didn’t know were locked,

Washed my shores with healing waters,

Ventured where no one’d ever knocked.


Click. That’s not how people click —

At the speed of breathing in.

I could bleed and you’d feel unease,

My pain prickling against your skin.


Peeling. You’re slowly peeling

Defensive layers off my heart —

Intensive therapy to leave me raw

And open for a brand new start.


Author: Lada Redley

Lada Redley draws inspiration from her travels, experiences, and the people in her life. She writes both prose and poetry, and has an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Westminster, London. You can follow Lada’s adventures on Instagram: @ladaredley.

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