Illustration by Allen B Thangkhiew

Talk about individuality?

In the bush of norms and notions
Existing since generations
Everything is defined
Since ages
By those, whose existence is only known through stories the elders tell
Do this, do that
Never question before that

Division seemed inherent
Of gender, of caste, of religion, of class, of race
And everybody was expected to follow this pace

Judgment seemed inevitable
On career one chooses to
On work one wants to
On relationship one builds
On attire one wears
On belief systems and faith
On opinion one has
On marriage one believes in
As they said, that’s how the society thrives on

Bifurcation seemed necessary
Of thoughts and philosophy
Of politics and ideology
Of ethics and morals
Of histories and geographies
Of people here and people there
Of fraternity and adversity
Because we become what we seek in vicinity

Did we ever think
How did the early man manage without those pre-contentions?
No knowledge from past
No idea on future
Nothing to seek
Nothing to loose
It’s within, he found his validation

Humans aren’t easy to decode
The most complicated living specie
Which needs a consistent revival
For a better survival
See, hear, understand, believe, argue, deliberate
Everything is important
Till they do not project as the only potent
Everything is needed
Pre-defined notions, traditions, values, theories, thoughts, experiences, knowledge, cultures
Till they aren’t act as the inhuman vultures
Till they let us evolve for better
Till they let us harness our utmost potential
To build a space
Where egalitarianism prevails
Of freedom
Of liberty
To question without fear
To follow without hesitation
To lead without being scared
To lead people to pave their own madnesses in things they believe in
To create the geniuses who talk about solutions to miseries
To end all the exploitation in any form, bit by bit
Without requiring all in one fit

Individualism is a celebration
Of ideas that histories failed to invent
Of desires to find meaning to oneself
Of liberty to believe in a purpose
Of risks to carve one’s own path
Of non-validation
Of sacred confrontation
To soul and mind
For an unfathomable bind

Respect people in their own way
To not let their original essence delay
Let them dance in the poetry their heart resides in
To introspect their purpose from within
To carve a path to truest self
Without any external help
Let them triumph over the futile notions from
For more humanitarian in the world to cast

So, talk about individuality?
For a collective upliftment
To save climate
To create better political discourse
To generate humane and fair economy
To find better leaders, engineers, managers, writers, artists, academicians, inventors
To flourish love
With more and more dove
Let them believe
To make this world a better place to live

Author: Priyanka Tiwari

Priyanka Tiwari has a multi-disciplinary background of Journalism and Political Studies from Delhi University and JNU respectively. She believes in not being labelled by any aspect ever, because she finds her passion in diversifying learning experiences. Ideas, art, coffee and dessert is where her soul belongs. She is currently hustling to get started in the ecosystem of startups. She loves long conversations, if you too, reach out to her on Twitter – @PriyankaT28, Instagram – @priyankatiwari14 . You can also read her blog here:

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