Optimus Prime Variant Strikes Fear As It Lands On Indian Shores

Illustration by Allen B Thangkhiew

Professor Ohpen Ap of the Indian Institute of Transformerology (IIT) stated that big cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata are likely to see a rise in cases as we approach the coming of the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

From statistics gathered from the Time and Space of India, 69 students tested positive at the Indian Institute of Mismanagement (IIM). Haryana reported 5000 cases in the last 24 hours, and many a politician tested positive.

A new variant, reportedly without the severity of its predecessors has managed to throw anyone with an ounce of self-preservation into a state of panic again.

Two years of living in fear of the Coronavirus hasn’t eased the panic that ensues with the arrival of each new variant. It’s a story that has already been told before – a new variant arrives, the number of cases increases, the general populace are instilled with fear, the cases lessen and people forget until another variant rears its ugly head.

A doctor at the All India Institute of Medical Seances, Dr. Bapyn Ang spoke on the rising number of cases, “Not all of us are equipped with an attractive mechanic for a girlfriend who can use her blowtorch to fight against the newest variant.”

Sadly, most of us have to rely on masks and social distancing to avoid contracting the virus.

Conspiracy theories have erupted all over social media, with theorists suggesting we had been warned of the Optimus Prime variant through the Transformer movies. “Did the movie makers leak a plan being hatched by the Lil’luminati in making the movies?”

One would assume that with an arsenal of Transformer movies under our belt, we would be better equipped to handle the Optimus Prime variant.

Author: Katelyn Syiem

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